UCHC – AAUP Inc. is the AAUP chapter that represents collective bargaining interests for the faculty at the UConn Health Center.


UCHC-AAUP Fall Calendar of Events


1. Work/Family Balance Labor Management Committee. This committee is charged with making recommendations to the UCH administration and board. UCHC-AAUP members of the committee will be gathering at 5pm on September 18 to discuss our priorities. If you are interested in participating, please contact Cindy Polinsky at executive.director@uchc-aaup.org.

2. Public Private Partnership AAUP Committee. We are forming this committee to ensure that faculty concerns are heard and that we have a seat at the table when decisions are made. Please contact President Claffey at president@uchc-aaup.org if you would like to participate.

Dates for Fall Meetings/Workshops:

• September 18 – Work/Life Balance AAUP Committee Meeting at 5 pm
(contact Cindy Polinsky at executive.director@uchc-aaup.org if you’d like to attend.)

• September 27 – Wine and Cheese Reception for all new faculty and all UCHC-AAUP members. Join us! Onyiuke Dining Hall 5pm -6:30pm.
(contact Susan Hunt at shunt2468@gmail.com if you’d like to attend.)

• October 2 – UHP has invited us to attend their legislative breakfast Onyiuke Cafeteria. 7:30am-10am. Come meet the candidates!

• October 10 – UCHC-AAUP Workshop about Public/Private Partnerships. 5pm place: TBD

• October 18 – UCHC-AAUP Annual meeting. 5pm Massey Auditorium.

• October 30 – UCHC-AAUP Sag Award/Retirement Workshop. Place TBD